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Granted, that last one may not be a traditional festive saying, but perhaps it should be – because room fragrance is now regarded as essential for our homes year-round, and Christmas (and the lead up to the holiday) surely shouldn’t be left out. This year, those characteristic-of-the-season scents – the pungent aroma of pine, cinnamon and mulled wine – have been joined by some new fragrances on the block, including celebratory tipples, sloe gin and champagne bellinis, and there’s plenty for those who want to conjure the trendy Danish ‘hygge’ concept of winter cosiness. Choose from 12 seasonal aromas to suit your taste, mood or the spirit of the occasion… Our scent should change with car diffuser the season, in the same way we alter our wardrobe to adapt to changing temperatures. The White Company’s appropriately-named Winter collection is described as “fruity meets spicy, as notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and star anise blend harmoniously with sweet vanilla and sumptuous red-wine accord.” Winter Indulgence Candle (four wick), £130; Botanical Pillar Candle, £26, Home Scenting Set (with diffuser, spray, signature candle), £55; Winter Tealights (set of 12), £15; Diffuser, £27 (020 3758 9222/ The scent of spruce trees is synonymous with the season and oh-so comforting, and Voluspa’s Classic Maison Luxury Candle – Spruce Cuttings, has sourced its goodness from Royal Colorado blue spruce cuttings, £45 (020 3735 9500/ Winter berries, especially bright red holly berries, add a welcome splash of colour to a bleak winter landscape. Rich, velvety wild berries and grapefruit are ingredients in a Winter Berry Lidded Filled Candle, £12, presented in a glamorous gold container, Marks & Spencer (0333 014 8000/ It’s hard to beat snuggling in front of an open fire and, let’s be real; curling up in front of a central heating radiator doesn’t really cut it! Jo Malone has come to the rescue of those without chimneys, with an Incense & Embers Home Candle, £42 full of wood-smoke-style aromas – curls of smoky incense, brightened with silver fir and white pepper, with a backdrop of nappa leather and vetiver (0800 054 2939/ If you’re writing those essential notes for Santa or compiling a present list, Marks & Spencer’s well-named Wish Diffuser, £8, with refreshing hints of grapefruit and ginger, could help the process (0333 014 8000/ The Danish concept for creating a cosy atmosphere is one of the biggest trend’s of the season. Printer + Taylor’s Hygge Scent Diffuser, £35, features a fragrance made from super-comforting aromas; a blend of brewed tea, baked strawberry cake, rose petals and wild mint (01432 265 094/ Add to a party atmosphere by scenting the air with the spicy aroma of mulled wine, or a more heady liqueur, sloe gin, a drink traditionally made from sloes picked after the first frost of winter. The White Company’s Mulled Wine and Sloe Gin home fragrance collections are ideal: Candles, £34 each; Mini Diffuser, £16; Votive Candle, £12 (020 3758 9222/ Yankee Candle’s mix of fragrances for its Holiday Party collection could suit every occasion during the countdown and on the day itself: Star Anise & Orange; Macaron Treats; All Is Bright and Festive Cocktail, large jar candles all £21.99 each (0117 316 1260/ If you’re bogged down in preparations and endless shopping, evoking the scent of a sun-baked exotic paradise could help lift the spirits and provide a brief ‘escape’.

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